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GKTech RB/VG Clutch Fan Adapter


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GKTech RB/VG Clutch Fan Adapter

If you want to a use a GKTech clutch fan on your RB or VG series motor then you will need to use one of these billet aluminium adapters. The PCD, bore size and the offset all differ from the SR to the RB/VG but this adapter is hub centric and leaves only a 2mm offset variance when compared to your standard RB/VG clutch fan with the standard clutch. Ie. it means that the fan will sit 2mm’s closer to the radiator when using our clutch fan with this adapter.

NOTE: Will not fit VL RB30’s as they use a different clutch pack to the R31 RB30 motor
NOTE#2: The diameter of the fan is the same as an RB/VG clutch fan (430mm’s) and if your intercooler piping runs over the area that the clutch fan sits and you had to trim the standard clutch fan to get it to fit, then this fan will also have this issue and it is strongly advised to NOT trim the clutch fan as it can become unstable and break off causing significant damage. When installing the fan ensure that there is at least 10-20mm’s clearance between the fan and anything around it, keeping in mind that your engine moves when under acceleration and braking.

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