Koyorad Radiator S13 SR20 N-Flo

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2 in stock

Koyorad Radiator S13 SR20 N-Flo, will suit Nissan S13 Silvia/180SX SR20DE & SR20DET Manual Transmission only.

Designed as a factory fit, direct bolt in with no modifications required and retains mounts for the QEM fan shroud.

When factory equipped radiators have inlet and outlet locations that allow proper placement,  Koyorad carefully welds aluminium partitions in the upper and lower tanks of the radiator.  This is Koyorad’s N-Flo Technology which allows for a double or triple pass radiator. This design cools more efficiently by allowing the coolant to remain in the radiator for a longer period of time therefore transferring more heat to the surrounding air.

Unless noted otherwise, all Koyorad N-Flo Aluminium Radiators are Nocolok brazed.

Radiator Cap sold separately Koyorad 1.3Bar Radiator Cap

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