PMU R186 AE86 Sprinter Levin Trueno Rear Brake Pads

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PMU R186 AE86 Sprinter Levin Trueno Rear Brake Pads

Project Mu NS400 street pads are developed specifically for street use. Guaranteed to outperform OEM pads, NS pads are a reliable simple way to upgrade your braking performance for minimal cost.

NS street pads give outstanding initial stopping power that is of prime importance on the street. Made from Asbestos-free brake compounds, NS street pads have excellent low dust and squeal properties.

Use this pad if you like to get the most out of your street car.

Compound Hyper Carbon NS
Rotor Temp 0~400℃
Friction 0.37~0.40μ


RC09 Club Racer Is the Project-Mu brake pad of choice for Club Motorsport. Be it for circuit racing, time attack, club sprints, tarmac or gravel rally this is the brake pad that offers the very best in performance, feel and release, whilst remaining a budget option.
This pad punches above it’s weight and will push aside many other “competition” pads in performance and durability.
RC09 “Club Racer” is based on the DNA of Project-Mu’s ultra successful H16-03 Motorsport pad which is one of the world’s best race pads. Club Racer is the pad to use of your car spends a majority of it’s time on track or rally stage.
Suitable for, circuit racing, time attack, sprints, gravel and tarmac rally.
Available in a range of shapes to suit the most popular applications. Japanese, European, Australian OEM calipers. Evo, STI, HSV or FPV right through to Golf GTI or Porsche GT3. A range of Motorsport shapes are also available to suit AP, Alcon, Brembo, Wilwood etc

Compound Hyper Carbon RC
Rotor Temp 300~800℃
Friction 0.42~0.55μ


D1 Spec For the drifter…..
With very high initial friction, this rear brake pad is designed to help reduce the effort required to lock the rear wheels. Very popular in the Japanese drift scene, this pad will offer you a performance advantage for minimal cost.
Used by top drifters in Japan and Australia and the USA.

Compound Hyper Carbon D1
Rotor Temp 0~380℃
Friction 0.50~0.55μ


TYPE NS-C (Japanese import version of NS-EP) pads offer a well-balanced improvement over the performance of genuine brake pads while reducing dust and noise

Compound Non Steel
Rotor Temp 0~400℃
Friction 0.37~0.40μ


HC+ (Japanese import version of HC800/HC-EP) For superior braking and control across a wide temperature range.

Compound Super Graphite Metallic
Rotor Temp 0~800℃
Friction 0.43~0.58μ

If your pad compound or shape is not listed, please get in contact with us!

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