ARTEC Mazda 13B V-band Exhaust Manifold


Material: SUS347 Stainless Steel Investment Cast Construction


1 in stock

1 in stock

13B FD MAZDA RX7, Brrappp Brraapp!

Here is our new 50-55mm V-Band 13B FD manifold design to run a @turbosmarthq 50mm Wastegate.

This was designed to run turbo sizes from a @garrettmotion GTX3076 through to a massive @xonarotor 76mm.

It uses our patented universal V-Band mounting system to allow mounting of a @precisionturbo 6466 or many other V-Band turbos up to your 13B.

This manifold is very unique in that it?s designed to run an open scroll turbine housing but it?s designed to remove the issues seen in 2 Rotor where the exhaust gas can be pushed back into the other rotor after the exhaust movement.

We have forced air to be traveling in the direction of the turbine wheel as well as splitting the wastegate ports and keeping them seperated all the way to the 50mm wastegate flange.

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